We are in Ahmedabad

We landed in Ahmedabad three days ago without our luggage (that was some how left behind in Sharjah), unprepared for this city and with some horrible jet lag from our delayed flights out of Istanbul. We struggled to orientate ourselves in Ahmedabad and found it near impossible to connect to the internet.
Once we had dealt with the culture shock, sorted our dramas out and found a place to stay we were able to relax a little. A good night sleep in the company of Ansuhul founder of the Design for Change School and we were feeling fresh. We could pick up our lost baggage but first we headed to the Vodafone store to get our 3G internet organised. The above pictures are our makeshift photos for our sim card application, 3 days later and the sim cards are still not working but we have made headway with a second application on the island of Diu. With the help of a very friendly man at he local Vodafone dealer the internet is finally working and we have learnt some lessons along the way.
Lesson 1. Check all details and paperwork
Lesson 2. Remember to stay hydrated
Lesson 3. Double check all details and paperwork
Lesson 4. Remember to keep food in Jamin’s belly
Lesson 5. Triple check all details and paperwork

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