Indian celebration of Design for Change 2014

It was a privilege to meet the staff behind the Design for Change project at Riverside School and to hear first hand how Design Thinking is implemented in education, to give the “I Can” power to the kids.

Children and teachers from 32 schools across the country visited Ahmedabad for the Indian celebration of Design for Change 2014. We started the day bright and early with some cups of coffee and a quick warm up exercise to set the mood. Then we moved on to a team building activity involving balloons, tape and scissors, some quick thinking and a lot of fun!
We spoke with the students and teachers to learn about their experience with design thinking at school. The children used the model of ‘Feel, Imagine, Do, Share’ to tackle various problems in their lives and communities. They highlighted some great issues from infrastructure to health, the environment and personal relationships.
It was an inspiring experience to heard the stories of the young minds hard at work and actively achieving their goals with this simple yet effective design thinking process. After many great conversations with the students and teachers it was time for a big yummy lunch. Then another warm up to get the blood flowing again before the award ceremony. 

In the end everybody drove to the public exhibition of the “I Can” stories of the schools in Parimal Garden. For the students it was a day to celebrate their accomplishments, for the teachers a very proud occasion, the Design for Change staff a 6th year of success.
For Esther and Jamin another super enjoyable day in India connecting with great people with brilliant minds :)

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