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Synergies with the Honeybee Network

We were in Ahmedabad and honoured to meet with Professor Angil K. Gupta at the old campus of IIM University. We wanted to talk about his project: the Honeybee Network and how I can get involved with it.
He greeted us at the door who gave us a warm welcome. Sitting on the sofa was a Marianne a German PHD student who also assists the professor with his ambitious work load. The coffee table had a small spread of Indian snack foods including a sweet black sesame dessert and ‚poor mans snack‘.
The conversation was relaxed and humorous, discussing our travel experience. Mariana and Anil complimented each others personalities for a very enjoyable conversation.
Soon Anil gave us an overview about the core of the Honeybee Network, he says it is a gateway to knowledge and innovation. The Network creates an index of creativity in society and is a very ambitious project connecting thousands of ideas. There are many grass roots inventions available, born out of necessity. They have the potential to bring positive impact to many communities similar to the ones they were designed for. Some such inventions include a portable washing machine that runs on the power of a motorcycle, retrofitted equipment on bicycles to cross over rivers and lakes as well as farming machinery to lighten the work load and speed up productivity.
The Honeybee Network has a strong focus on helping rural areas to become self sufficient. The network promotes alternative methods of farming, irrigating, building and transportation through education and training.
However the development of such technologies is not designed by the network, but rather through extensive networking with thousands of communities. The knowledge is gathered and documented and then spread to other communities who are able to implement it in their own endeavours.
With a ‚fair‘ set of values they ensure that all the knowledge and innovation discovered, returns credit to the ones responsible for its existence.
To find out were we can find synergies, Anil also gave us ideas on the Honeybee Network vision for the future.
One great idea collects stories from people who have been alive for a century or longer. The project aims to preserve the history, culture and language, that is under threat of being lost to time, in a colloquial syntax. These stories would be available for everyone and target children, who could rate and share stories and even request more stories from particular story tellers. This project ensures the survival of language, proverbs and metaphors.
In the end there were a lot more of ideas on the table and many different ways to get involved. But one thing clearly stand out: the Honeybee Network needs a good overall structure and a strong design that provides that. So I suggested to help Anil with that. First step will be to understand the core of the Honeybee Network in order to design a visual infrastructure for it and its various projects. The aim is to help the network to communicate in a simple way, in order so trigger awareness and share the awesome stories that it provides.

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