Roof top Yoga in Bangalore

14 days in Agonda Beach, Goa went by so quickly but the time had come to head to Bangalore. To say it was hard to leave our beautiful beach would be an understatement, but we booked our bus and packed our bags, had a final swim and then took the local bus to Chaudi.
As it turned out there were one or two confusions with the booking and though we were early for our bus it never did arrive. Midnight came and that was 3 hours of waiting before we gave up hope and headed back to our beach paradise. The next night was act 2 and though the bus was still two hours late we did mange to find it this time and the universe had finally decided it was time for us to leave Goa.
12 hours on a nice bus we slept well and arrived in the late morning to the busy city of Bangalore. It had all the usual flair of an typical indian city, but somehow this one was different. The air was marginally fresher :D the city was noticeably cleaner, there was less honking from the traffic, … but the most surprising thing was the amount of living nature and 20 rupees fruit salat on every corner!
We took the public busses to our lovely Couchsurfing hosts apartment and explored a little of the neighbourhood. Yoga on the rooftop and some nice conversation before turning in to get some sleep.
We will spend the next days with some nice people, great ideas and explore some great co-working spaces! We will keep you updated :)

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