First day of work at Jagaa co-working

I guess I have mentioned that I am working in India for my clients to finance my travels, experience and to live :) There some great places for this in Bangalore and today I tried out the Jaaga co-working space in the old part of the city. A note for anyone who has never been there: Jaaga is located on the 6th floor of the Rich Homes on Richmond Road. Next to the elevator there is a sign listing only 5 floors! Don’t trust the sign, take the elevator to the top floor and you’ll find them hard at work on the spacious roof top office :)
I have really enjoyed working at Jaaga, it was pretty quiet on a Saturday but the air was fresh and I had a nice view over the city. Some very interesting entrepreneurs workout of Jaaga and the in house dog is named ‚Berlin‘. One of the best things: Coffee is free!
Soon I will visit again, as I still have to finish my very first logo sketches for SUSE „Women against Violence“. I am keen to meet up with the co-founder (Archana) to hear more about the idea and projects they are doing.

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