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Pyramid Valley with Megha

It is a Sunday and I decided not to work that much, instead spending time with our couchsurfing host Megha and her friend.

First we visited the family house, which was next to a big lake in the south/west of Bangalore. We meet a every proud father, who enthusiastically told us about his very smart kids and how the women secretly rule the family, especially granny. Then we were introduced to every family member that was available and learned about how life in Bangalore has changed since the 1980’s when the IT Boom hit the city :)

And thanks again to our hosts, really, we are not hungry, really … even if it is not too spicy, thank you but … ok just a little spoon to taste … Yes it is really really good, but no we are not hungry … thanks so much, yes it is really really good.

Then our travels took us to the real outskirts of Bangalore, to Pyramid Valley way to the south. First I want to point out that I truly believe in mediation and the great effects it has. Ok

The valley is amazing! Especially after being in Bangalore’s noisy, polluted streets. It is calm, fresh and relaxed … you can really imagine stopping, sitting down on the grass, closing your eyes for a moment, breathing in the fresh air and mediating. We then found the place where all the people are really meditating: inside of the Pyramid, which is basically the opposite of everything that makes the valley great. You enter a big fake pyramid and the first thing you notice is the sound of the AC, then you get that old carpet smell followed by a disturbing artificial yellow light. The most spiritual part of the pyramid is the meditation centre at the top of a spiral staircase in the centre of the Pyramid. After climbing the stairs quietly so as not to disturb the meditators we were in the centre of the pyramid with little oxygen and a very warm temperature. Not my idea of a good place to meditate.

After escaping from the pyramid we discussed the commercialisation of meditation in India and how unnecessary the pyramid is. Then we visited the tourist trap mediation shop. Everything for sale incorporated the shape of a pyramid and we learned how this mystical shape concentrates cosmic energy and aids in meditation, helping you ascend to a higher consciousness … or something like that. Glasses, hats, belts, massage tools books and more. Every item promising something different to the consumer: finding your soulmate, getting pregnant and discovering inner peace …

Taking it all light heartedly we really had an awesome time with a couple of cool Indian friends. We laughed a lot, tried on at lot of pyramid shaped stuff and ended the Sunday with a nice Indian dinner … idli!

shop fun pyramid shapes :)

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