The idea of Dream:in

After an awesome invitation from Sonia to work for my clients from the idiom office, I spent some nice days working in a great place. Including Indian lunch at 13 h, free coffee and very inspiring people. Thanks to Rahul and Shruti I got a good idea of the interesting research and empowerment that Dream:in is doing.

DREAM:IN is a startup, located in the basement of idiom. I was lucky to sit with them at their office.
They say about themselves: Dream:in is a big and bold attempt to dispel fears and unlock the imagination of people everywhere. A positive shift of focus from needs to dreams. New connections that mean something. New systems for adding sustained value and meaning to enterprise, society and life.

Their method is structured in three steps: Dream, Believe and Realise.
First they start with dream catching. Interviewing young people about their Dream, big dream, dream of their family to find the core of their desire. Then they sort out all the dreams and document a selecting in short videos. The most appealing dreamers will be invited to a dream camp that provides the dreamer with professional consultation to verify the idea and to get to the next step: Realise. The best dream will be turned into a startup with the help of a network of experts, to guide the way and provide the young dreamers with all the knowledge they need.

Here is the Dream:in webpage.

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