Welcome to Auroville

So we are in Auroville and very happy to be here. We have had a very warm welcome by Snehal from Sapney Farm. He kindly invited us to lunch at the permaculture workshop and gave us a bed for our first night. It was a good starting point to see internationals and Indians working and living together and to get our first small glimpse at the farm life at Auroville.
Early the next morning we packed our stuff to meet an awesome Mexican who took us to his home where we stayed for the next week. THE greatest place! Thanks Eric and Daniel for this luxury family home stay!
You have already seen the photo of the rooftop! Yep, that’s it again where I am doing Yoga underneath blue sky or bright shining stars :)
Besides from the mosquitoes (I fucking hate them!) we have many nice animals in our place: geckos (eating mosquitoes) frogs (eating mosquitoes) big beautiful spiders (eating mosquitoes), even the cockroaches are pretty :) The house is in-between Auroville beach and Auroville bakery, not directly on the main road: so it is a good spot to live :)

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