Auroville working at Prakti

Living and hanging out with Prakti-People is fun. So I though, before I will stay at home office all day very lonesome, I’d rather ask premising to check out the Prakti office. And yes! I am very welcome to work there and even to have lunch at their place.

I took my brand new rented BICYCLE !!! (yes, I am addicted to cycling and bicycles) and on the road just before Gaias Garden I turned left to Prakti office. Like a lot of the places in Auroville it is a a house with a massive garden. So very green, the house is open with a funny, cute architecture. It was a good decision: the is really nice to work there, people are great and the taste of music awesome! The international cocktail contains two French, one Moroccan, one Mexican, one Spanish and two Indian – and for the time being one German :)

Prakti develops smart affordable stoves for rural area in Africa and Asia. The newest one will be released in Congo. I will get involved and design a logo for it.


Have a look at Prakti.

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