Back in Bangalore to jam

Finally the moment I have been waiting for is there: the service jam bangalore! No, I am not kidding :) jams are awesome and I would recommend them to anybody who likes to explore smart, creative ways of thinking and collaborate with new people.
The Bangalore jam was my first Jam where would not participate but help the organising team with warm up games and documentation to make sure that the brain of the jammer is in good condition and to keep up the fun.
Jamin and me arrived one day before the Jam and were actually connecting to the organising team 2 hours before the jam started. The team of volunteers was great, the leading organising team was awesome! Thanks to francis and anuja for their weeks of organisation and great design of the jam!
We created a full power family feeling and gave a lot of consultant for the design thinking process. There was chaos and confusing, enlightenment and bollywood dance :)
For me and my first organisation experience, i have to say there is space for improvement – as there always is. India is a different culture, implementing fun and structure was a different thing than in Germany. I was the entertainer, who jumped around, make weird sounds and empowered every single group to dance their best bollywood moves in front of Jamins Camera. Than i was the strict German voice that ordered silence and would keep a strict timing for the prototype presentation with a rubber chicken in her hand. No fun from this point ;)
But regardless our part was just small, compared to the work of the organising team and the jammers! There were great prototypes and a awesome jam feeling in the end. That was my experience of the Bangalore jam and with every single jam before.
Thanks again for making the jam what is to all the jammers out there!
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