Varkala – we are in Kerala

Everybody on our journey told us about this beach: Varkala. Now we are there, and we are glad that the rush is gone, everybody is telling us that „We do not know where all the people are, there were so many here last week!“. We are glad. Varkala is my last beach office spot and it seems to be a big tourist hotspot. Just now there are not too many tourists anymore :)
Again we managed to find a nice place with a yoga rooftop – yeah! We also discovered that the next beach north of Varkala called Odayam Beach is actually much more quite and without a big „come come buy buy“ culture. I guess you just have to know what you like for your stay and then keep an eye out for it when you arrive at a new spot.
But we are happy :) I will set up my office tomorrow and finish my last jobs for Germany and Auroville. After that it is Sri Lanka and three weeks of not working … Jamin honestly doubts that I will managed to not work at all :) but whatever feels good will happen, I guess :)

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