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The world needs more crazy people, look where the sane ones brought us










I’m a freelance graphic and concept designer based in Berlin and have
a passion for design thinking. I organise my own co-working space,
where I work for my own clients and for agencies from all over the

I have chosen a work and travel lifestyle as I find it is the best way
to bring German/Berlin networks together with international projects
while enjoying the experience of other cultures.

With my laptop, rucksack and an open mind I travel the world while
working for my German clients as well as visiting interesting people
and projects that are all about using design thinking methods to
improve societies, help to start young businesses, improve education
and many other ideas that simply make sense.

Beside this I draw monsters all the time and frequently use them
in my work :) As a result I have been given the opportunity to bring
them to life so I am prototyping my first 3D printed Monsters!

To continue empowering people to develop good ideas I will spend 3
months in India visiting projects. To frame my travels I will be blogging about
the experiences I have and the people I meet so that you too can share in
and connect to projects.
The office is finally set up: 3G on the iPhones. Mac Book Air and iPad are connected, work and travel officially starts now.
My friends in India, my indian number is: 82 38 25 75 28
My friends in Germany, my German Skype number is: 030 2241 4950