Surf in Sri Lanka

So yep! Here we are in beautiful Sri Lanka. We heard sooome reputation for the surf on the south west coast and as I am addicted to play with waves, we did the first reasonable thing: Take the bus and train all the way down to Midigama on the south west coast.


We are staying at a very nice guest house called Ashanka next to „lasy left“, a consisted point break. I can’t say it in any other way: I am really happy. I am not the best surfer, but I just fucking love surfing!


So we will stay here for surf, yoga, eat roti (sri lankan samosa) and travel a bit until my flight takes me back to Berlin in 3 weeks.


I will definitely also use my free time (where I am not surfing) to finish my work for tip4change, catch up with great indian people I meet on my awesome work and travel trip throw india!

Click here for our Indian Travel Map on google map engine.

Varkala – we are in Kerala

Everybody on our journey told us about this beach: Varkala. Now we are there, and we are glad that the rush is gone, everybody is telling us that „We do not know where all the people are, there were so many here last week!“. We are glad. Varkala is my last beach office spot and it seems to be a big tourist hotspot. Just now there are not too many tourists anymore :)
Again we managed to find a nice place with a yoga rooftop – yeah! We also discovered that the next beach north of Varkala called Odayam Beach is actually much more quite and without a big „come come buy buy“ culture. I guess you just have to know what you like for your stay and then keep an eye out for it when you arrive at a new spot.
But we are happy :) I will set up my office tomorrow and finish my last jobs for Germany and Auroville. After that it is Sri Lanka and three weeks of not working … Jamin honestly doubts that I will managed to not work at all :) but whatever feels good will happen, I guess :)

Last stop in India[/h2After two months that we really enjoyed we are finally at that point, where I personally do not like to be: the end of a journey. It has been awesome and very exhausting altogether. Working and travelling is after all a lot of work. I would not want to have it any other way :) for me it was very close to the perfect travel experience. Next time I will spend more time for each place, each person and each project. And yes, there is going to be a next time!
I am thinking brazil, saying hello to good old friends … connecting to great curious impact thinkers or changemakers or gamechanger or sensemaker. No matter how you like to call them, I really like to connect to them cause it gives me the feeling of a similar understanding of live can work all together.
So I will travel again to experience the world and to find likeminded people.

Back in Bangalore to jam

Finally the moment I have been waiting for is there: the service jam bangalore! No, I am not kidding :) jams are awesome and I would recommend them to anybody who likes to explore smart, creative ways of thinking and collaborate with new people.
The Bangalore jam was my first Jam where would not participate but help the organising team with warm up games and documentation to make sure that the brain of the jammer is in good condition and to keep up the fun.
Jamin and me arrived one day before the Jam and were actually connecting to the organising team 2 hours before the jam started. The team of volunteers was great, the leading organising team was awesome! Thanks to francis and anuja for their weeks of organisation and great design of the jam!
We created a full power family feeling and gave a lot of consultant for the design thinking process. There was chaos and confusing, enlightenment and bollywood dance :)
For me and my first organisation experience, i have to say there is space for improvement – as there always is. India is a different culture, implementing fun and structure was a different thing than in Germany. I was the entertainer, who jumped around, make weird sounds and empowered every single group to dance their best bollywood moves in front of Jamins Camera. Than i was the strict German voice that ordered silence and would keep a strict timing for the prototype presentation with a rubber chicken in her hand. No fun from this point ;)
But regardless our part was just small, compared to the work of the organising team and the jammers! There were great prototypes and a awesome jam feeling in the end. That was my experience of the Bangalore jam and with every single jam before.
Thanks again for making the jam what is to all the jammers out there!
Visit the website.
Visit them on facebook.

Hello from Bangalore Service Jam

Auroville working at Prakti

Living and hanging out with Prakti-People is fun. So I though, before I will stay at home office all day very lonesome, I’d rather ask premising to check out the Prakti office. And yes! I am very welcome to work there and even to have lunch at their place.

I took my brand new rented BICYCLE !!! (yes, I am addicted to cycling and bicycles) and on the road just before Gaias Garden I turned left to Prakti office. Like a lot of the places in Auroville it is a a house with a massive garden. So very green, the house is open with a funny, cute architecture. It was a good decision: the is really nice to work there, people are great and the taste of music awesome! The international cocktail contains two French, one Moroccan, one Mexican, one Spanish and two Indian – and for the time being one German :)

Prakti develops smart affordable stoves for rural area in Africa and Asia. The newest one will be released in Congo. I will get involved and design a logo for it.


Have a look at Prakti.

Welcome to Auroville

So we are in Auroville and very happy to be here. We have had a very warm welcome by Snehal from Sapney Farm. He kindly invited us to lunch at the permaculture workshop and gave us a bed for our first night. It was a good starting point to see internationals and Indians working and living together and to get our first small glimpse at the farm life at Auroville.
Early the next morning we packed our stuff to meet an awesome Mexican who took us to his home where we stayed for the next week. THE greatest place! Thanks Eric and Daniel for this luxury family home stay!
You have already seen the photo of the rooftop! Yep, that’s it again where I am doing Yoga underneath blue sky or bright shining stars :)
Besides from the mosquitoes (I fucking hate them!) we have many nice animals in our place: geckos (eating mosquitoes) frogs (eating mosquitoes) big beautiful spiders (eating mosquitoes), even the cockroaches are pretty :) The house is in-between Auroville beach and Auroville bakery, not directly on the main road: so it is a good spot to live :)

A night bus to Auroville

Our next stop will be Auroville. I am personally very curious about this village. Let’s see if every person in Auroville has an idea why they are there or if there still some normal confused people left :) I am sorry, it just seems like Auroville only exists to make ideas happen. But I will know better within the next week!

Visit Auroville online.

The idea of Dream:in

After an awesome invitation from Sonia to work for my clients from the idiom office, I spent some nice days working in a great place. Including Indian lunch at 13 h, free coffee and very inspiring people. Thanks to Rahul and Shruti I got a good idea of the interesting research and empowerment that Dream:in is doing.

DREAM:IN is a startup, located in the basement of idiom. I was lucky to sit with them at their office.
They say about themselves: Dream:in is a big and bold attempt to dispel fears and unlock the imagination of people everywhere. A positive shift of focus from needs to dreams. New connections that mean something. New systems for adding sustained value and meaning to enterprise, society and life.

Their method is structured in three steps: Dream, Believe and Realise.
First they start with dream catching. Interviewing young people about their Dream, big dream, dream of their family to find the core of their desire. Then they sort out all the dreams and document a selecting in short videos. The most appealing dreamers will be invited to a dream camp that provides the dreamer with professional consultation to verify the idea and to get to the next step: Realise. The best dream will be turned into a startup with the help of a network of experts, to guide the way and provide the young dreamers with all the knowledge they need.

Here is the Dream:in webpage.

On my way to idiom again :)

Thanks to Google maps I can get around Bangalore really easily using the public busses and not depend on rickshaws anymore! Yeah, the city is mine!

Pyramid Valley with Megha

It is a Sunday and I decided not to work that much, instead spending time with our couchsurfing host Megha and her friend.

First we visited the family house, which was next to a big lake in the south/west of Bangalore. We meet a every proud father, who enthusiastically told us about his very smart kids and how the women secretly rule the family, especially granny. Then we were introduced to every family member that was available and learned about how life in Bangalore has changed since the 1980’s when the IT Boom hit the city :)

And thanks again to our hosts, really, we are not hungry, really … even if it is not too spicy, thank you but … ok just a little spoon to taste … Yes it is really really good, but no we are not hungry … thanks so much, yes it is really really good.

Then our travels took us to the real outskirts of Bangalore, to Pyramid Valley way to the south. First I want to point out that I truly believe in mediation and the great effects it has. Ok

The valley is amazing! Especially after being in Bangalore’s noisy, polluted streets. It is calm, fresh and relaxed … you can really imagine stopping, sitting down on the grass, closing your eyes for a moment, breathing in the fresh air and mediating. We then found the place where all the people are really meditating: inside of the Pyramid, which is basically the opposite of everything that makes the valley great. You enter a big fake pyramid and the first thing you notice is the sound of the AC, then you get that old carpet smell followed by a disturbing artificial yellow light. The most spiritual part of the pyramid is the meditation centre at the top of a spiral staircase in the centre of the Pyramid. After climbing the stairs quietly so as not to disturb the meditators we were in the centre of the pyramid with little oxygen and a very warm temperature. Not my idea of a good place to meditate.

After escaping from the pyramid we discussed the commercialisation of meditation in India and how unnecessary the pyramid is. Then we visited the tourist trap mediation shop. Everything for sale incorporated the shape of a pyramid and we learned how this mystical shape concentrates cosmic energy and aids in meditation, helping you ascend to a higher consciousness … or something like that. Glasses, hats, belts, massage tools books and more. Every item promising something different to the consumer: finding your soulmate, getting pregnant and discovering inner peace …

Taking it all light heartedly we really had an awesome time with a couple of cool Indian friends. We laughed a lot, tried on at lot of pyramid shaped stuff and ended the Sunday with a nice Indian dinner … idli!

shop fun pyramid shapes :)

First day of work at Jagaa co-working

I guess I have mentioned that I am working in India for my clients to finance my travels, experience and to live :) There some great places for this in Bangalore and today I tried out the Jaaga co-working space in the old part of the city. A note for anyone who has never been there: Jaaga is located on the 6th floor of the Rich Homes on Richmond Road. Next to the elevator there is a sign listing only 5 floors! Don’t trust the sign, take the elevator to the top floor and you’ll find them hard at work on the spacious roof top office :)
I have really enjoyed working at Jaaga, it was pretty quiet on a Saturday but the air was fresh and I had a nice view over the city. Some very interesting entrepreneurs workout of Jaaga and the in house dog is named ‚Berlin‘. One of the best things: Coffee is free!
Soon I will visit again, as I still have to finish my very first logo sketches for SUSE „Women against Violence“. I am keen to meet up with the co-founder (Archana) to hear more about the idea and projects they are doing.

First hello! at Idiom

We are at Idiom – a very nice design thinking and creative full service office! I’m impressed by a very warm welcome the interesting insights of the firms work and lives.
I will come back and have a closer look at some of their work cases as I am keen to know more about Dream:in.


About Idiom.

Roof top Yoga in Bangalore

14 days in Agonda Beach, Goa went by so quickly but the time had come to head to Bangalore. To say it was hard to leave our beautiful beach would be an understatement, but we booked our bus and packed our bags, had a final swim and then took the local bus to Chaudi.
As it turned out there were one or two confusions with the booking and though we were early for our bus it never did arrive. Midnight came and that was 3 hours of waiting before we gave up hope and headed back to our beach paradise. The next night was act 2 and though the bus was still two hours late we did mange to find it this time and the universe had finally decided it was time for us to leave Goa.
12 hours on a nice bus we slept well and arrived in the late morning to the busy city of Bangalore. It had all the usual flair of an typical indian city, but somehow this one was different. The air was marginally fresher :D the city was noticeably cleaner, there was less honking from the traffic, … but the most surprising thing was the amount of living nature and 20 rupees fruit salat on every corner!
We took the public busses to our lovely Couchsurfing hosts apartment and explored a little of the neighbourhood. Yoga on the rooftop and some nice conversation before turning in to get some sleep.
We will spend the next days with some nice people, great ideas and explore some great co-working spaces! We will keep you updated :)

And we are off to Bangalore to meet great people!

Education for Values at Val ed in Bangalore

Esther working at Agonda beach

Synergies with the Honeybee Network

We were in Ahmedabad and honoured to meet with Professor Angil K. Gupta at the old campus of IIM University. We wanted to talk about his project: the Honeybee Network and how I can get involved with it.
He greeted us at the door who gave us a warm welcome. Sitting on the sofa was a Marianne a German PHD student who also assists the professor with his ambitious work load. The coffee table had a small spread of Indian snack foods including a sweet black sesame dessert and ‚poor mans snack‘.
The conversation was relaxed and humorous, discussing our travel experience. Mariana and Anil complimented each others personalities for a very enjoyable conversation.
Soon Anil gave us an overview about the core of the Honeybee Network, he says it is a gateway to knowledge and innovation. The Network creates an index of creativity in society and is a very ambitious project connecting thousands of ideas. There are many grass roots inventions available, born out of necessity. They have the potential to bring positive impact to many communities similar to the ones they were designed for. Some such inventions include a portable washing machine that runs on the power of a motorcycle, retrofitted equipment on bicycles to cross over rivers and lakes as well as farming machinery to lighten the work load and speed up productivity.
The Honeybee Network has a strong focus on helping rural areas to become self sufficient. The network promotes alternative methods of farming, irrigating, building and transportation through education and training.
However the development of such technologies is not designed by the network, but rather through extensive networking with thousands of communities. The knowledge is gathered and documented and then spread to other communities who are able to implement it in their own endeavours.
With a ‚fair‘ set of values they ensure that all the knowledge and innovation discovered, returns credit to the ones responsible for its existence.
To find out were we can find synergies, Anil also gave us ideas on the Honeybee Network vision for the future.
One great idea collects stories from people who have been alive for a century or longer. The project aims to preserve the history, culture and language, that is under threat of being lost to time, in a colloquial syntax. These stories would be available for everyone and target children, who could rate and share stories and even request more stories from particular story tellers. This project ensures the survival of language, proverbs and metaphors.
In the end there were a lot more of ideas on the table and many different ways to get involved. But one thing clearly stand out: the Honeybee Network needs a good overall structure and a strong design that provides that. So I suggested to help Anil with that. First step will be to understand the core of the Honeybee Network in order to design a visual infrastructure for it and its various projects. The aim is to help the network to communicate in a simple way, in order so trigger awareness and share the awesome stories that it provides.

Our experience from the Design for Change India Challenge Event

The Design for Change challenge uses a design thinking method and is set once a year since 2009. The design thinking method uses a 4 step process that incorporates the ‚I can‘ philosophy to empower the students.
We met with the DFC staff, teachers and students to learn about their experience with the DFC India challenge and to get an insight to their experience with design thinking. The following text is the information we gathered through interviews with the students and teachers.
The Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India, is home to Design for Change and they hold an event every year to celebrate the India branch of the DFC Challenge. The event was full of fun warm ups, inspiring ideas, good food and even some dancing in the park.
//Design thinking in Indian schools.
By sending thousands of emails and letters DFC reaches out to schools across the country, inviting them to participate in the challenge. The challenge encourages thinking processes that should start at a young age and the DFC challenge empowered 130,000 students in 2013. Through the challenge students get the opportunity to be the change they want to see in their local community, and adopt a positive mind set in their every day lives. Many schools recognise the merits of the programme and participate every year.
//Positive impact
Students have so much energy and the DFC challenge is the perfect outlet for this energy to be transformed into something beautiful. Teachers across the country notice their students mellow out and focus more on their studies through the experience. It shakes them from within and they realise that they have a voice and the ability to influence their world.
// Feel for change
Through the means of brainstorming sessions coupled with interviewing friends and family as well as the wider community students identify issues in their lives and environment that are not getting enough attention. They hold a vote for the best idea to focus the project around and devise a plan to take action. This process is overseen by the teachers who are very careful not to impose their own ideas as it is important for the students to make their own experience. The teachers role is to mediate the sessions and assist the students when they really need it.
//Feel, Imagine, Do, Share.
The design thinking method works well because it is nice and simple.
Feel for the change you want to see, Imagine a solution to the problem, Do the tasks set in the plan and Share your story with everyone.
//The ‚I Can‘ attitude
A belief in ones ability to influence society is a message heard loud and clear through the DFC challenge. The students realise the ‚I Can‘ philosophy and become empowered through the process to live every aspect of their lives knowing that they have the ability to change the world.
The Design for Change challenge is taking the world by storm and has the potential to revolutionise education. Students are active in sharing their experience with friends and family through online media, while the people behind DFC and their partners continue to grow the project around the world.

„Things will proceed, by design … „

Idiom is located in Bangalore and we plan to say hello to them in a few days. A design firm with a variety of design skills under one roof, Idiom incubates business ideas, ideas for societal transformation and ideas on life and living. Delivered as strategy, design output, transformational tools and processes and as robust, ready-to-run businesses.
They have done some very inspiring projects: Have a look.

We arrived in Agonda

Hey, we are finally back on the internet and have set up the official beach office once again! We travelled from Ahmedabad to Agonda Beach (South Goa) with a small stopover in Arambol. It took us 4 days but finally we found our ‚grandma‘ beach: a nice quiet beach with few people and no party. Very nice and shanti shanti :)

So much has happened in 4 days so I will catch up with my work right now while Jamin updates our google travel map. We will bring you the next design thinking projects soon, now that our beach office is set up again! So the next days will be all about work and our daily yoga routine at the beach :)

Waiting for the Bus to take us to the next Beach

We are still in Ahmedabad waiting for your 26 hour bus trip to Goa. Yes, Goa – I NEVER wanted to go there. I always wanted to avoid that big bounce of western and Indian tourist having THE time of their live, just because they took some drugs at a party :) I can enjoy that at home in Berlin, every day … :)   But rumour has it, that there are quite grandma-beaches too. Yippieh, finally I’m getting old and boring: perfect for me and my work!
Well … and in the meanwhile I’m spending my time waiting for the bus working in a supermarket :)

Meeting Anil Gupta

We had the great honor to meet with Anil Gupta and one of his nice students Marianne today. We talked about the Honeybee Network and the great plans there are for the future. This very diverse and complex network has a lot of stories to tell and great people to present; Like men and women living in the rural areas of the world and doing incredible art, creating technical innovations and telling beautiful stories. The Honeybee Network gives them the opportunity to have their voice heard and provides a platform for their inventions to be accessible to the whole world.
It was a very inspiring evening and I hope that my design skills will help to improve this project and trigger even more awareness.
Visit the Honey Bee Network.

Indian celebration of Design for Change 2014

It was a privilege to meet the staff behind the Design for Change project at Riverside School and to hear first hand how Design Thinking is implemented in education, to give the “I Can” power to the kids.

Children and teachers from 32 schools across the country visited Ahmedabad for the Indian celebration of Design for Change 2014. We started the day bright and early with some cups of coffee and a quick warm up exercise to set the mood. Then we moved on to a team building activity involving balloons, tape and scissors, some quick thinking and a lot of fun!
We spoke with the students and teachers to learn about their experience with design thinking at school. The children used the model of ‘Feel, Imagine, Do, Share’ to tackle various problems in their lives and communities. They highlighted some great issues from infrastructure to health, the environment and personal relationships.
It was an inspiring experience to heard the stories of the young minds hard at work and actively achieving their goals with this simple yet effective design thinking process. After many great conversations with the students and teachers it was time for a big yummy lunch. Then another warm up to get the blood flowing again before the award ceremony. 

In the end everybody drove to the public exhibition of the “I Can” stories of the schools in Parimal Garden. For the students it was a day to celebrate their accomplishments, for the teachers a very proud occasion, the Design for Change staff a 6th year of success.
For Esther and Jamin another super enjoyable day in India connecting with great people with brilliant minds :)

Anil Gupta – founder of the Honey Bee Network

Honey Bee Network has been running for 20 years and aims at pollination and cross-pollination of ideas, creativity and grassroots genius. It is spread over 75 countries and has documented over 100,000 ideas, innovations and traditional practices.
Act as a medium for the documentation and dissemination of local and traditional knowledge.
Company Overview
Honey Bee Network is an international platform, where like-minded individuals, innovators, farmers, academicians, policy makers, entrepreneurs and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) come together to recognise grassroot innovations.
Visit the Honey Bee Network.

5 hours of work and the rest is committed to the sunshine

Our office is working fine :) The Last two days I have enjoyed webdesigning for my clients, researching projects, sorting out my Skype number problem (sorry it’s still not working) and connecting to more great people in india.
Jamin is taking care of the travel plans, so we know when and where we are going and how to get there. Well as far as you can plan ahead in India :D
When we have time away from the laptop, we are enjoying the sunshine and exploring the island. Today we cycled to Vanakbara, a small town in the west of Diu. It is a busy fishing port, as you can see in the pictures. Noisy and smelly but interesting to see how the fishing industry works in India.
At night we are doing Yoga and other sports – People, who don’t know me might be surprised at this, you just have to know that … well, I’m a bit of a sports addict :)

Travel Office is set up
– we are in Diu

Yes! The office is finally set up: 3G on the iPhones. Mac Book Air and iPad are connected, work and travel officially starts now. We are staying at Vinayak Guest House in a relaxed neighbourhood on the island of Diu which is located in the south of Gujarat. Only a 5 minute walk to the water front and 10 minutes to the beach. Relaxing the Indian way, we can finally start to get our project started! To begin I will be doing some work for my German clients then start connecting to Indian projects!
My friends in India, my indian number is: 82 38 25 75 28
My friends in Germany, you can still call me on my German Skype number: 030 2241 4950

We are in Ahmedabad

We landed in Ahmedabad three days ago without our luggage (that was some how left behind in Sharjah), unprepared for this city and with some horrible jet lag from our delayed flights out of Istanbul. We struggled to orientate ourselves in Ahmedabad and found it near impossible to connect to the internet.
Once we had dealt with the culture shock, sorted our dramas out and found a place to stay we were able to relax a little. A good night sleep in the company of Ansuhul founder of the Design for Change School and we were feeling fresh. We could pick up our lost baggage but first we headed to the Vodafone store to get our 3G internet organised. The above pictures are our makeshift photos for our sim card application, 3 days later and the sim cards are still not working but we have made headway with a second application on the island of Diu. With the help of a very friendly man at he local Vodafone dealer the internet is finally working and we have learnt some lessons along the way.
Lesson 1. Check all details and paperwork
Lesson 2. Remember to stay hydrated
Lesson 3. Double check all details and paperwork
Lesson 4. Remember to keep food in Jamin’s belly
Lesson 5. Triple check all details and paperwork

We are in India

Yeah! We made it! We are in India, the only down side is that our bags are still in Sharjah (our stop over in the United Arab Emirates). We didn’t want to wait for 16 hours for the next flight to Bombay so we took an offer to fly directly to Ahmedabad instead.. That is awesome though, because in Ahmedabad we want to visit the Riverside School (Design for Change) anyway.. When will we see our bags again?…Nobody knows.

Stop over in a fancy hotel

We are still in Istanbul – it is about 2 pm. We just woke up in our 5 star complementary hotel, with 4 hours of sleep :) We still have no idea when we will be in India but we didn’t have to sleep in the airport, we’ve had hot showers and the freebies we got from the hotel are keeping us in good spirits. Let’s see what happens next …

Istanbul Airport – flight canceled

It’s 3 am and our 1 am flight has just been announced as canceled :) While I’m using the time doing some work for my German clients, Jamin is using the time to close his eyes. I have no idea, WHEN we will be on our way – but we will be on our way to India soon… hopefully!

We are in Istanbul

We landed in Istanbul three days ago. We are staying at a friends place at Besitkas. That’s us ay the waterfront next to the Bosporus. We are enjoying the city, practicing Yoga in Yildiz Park and getting ready for India!

This clip is well worth it to see how Vandana Shiva deftly and confidently sets the BBC host straight on everything. From the suicide epidemic of Indian farmers to the truth of Monsanto’s crimes, the reality of global food trade, and where the industry can be headed next if we wake up and change course. Shiva holds her own with poise and grace, armed with all the facts.

Start of an awesome travel

The city of Bangalore in moving pictures

My India Travel – the city of Bangalore

Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, located in the Deccan Plateau and at and elevation of more than 3000 feet it is renowned for its pleasant climate year round. The third most populace city in the country, with a population of more than 9.5 million and a huge range of educational and research facilities it has become a hub for a range of projects ranking in the top 10 most desirable entrepreneurial venture locations in the world.
This is one busy city where we will be surely spending some time during our Indian Travels. A vibrant city with a lot of creative potential, at a glance it appears to be a bit like Berlin in some ways. :) I am looking forwards to get to know Bangalore better as we connect to some great projects!
Look what is going on Bangalore.

Love for infographics

A great passion of mine is breaking down complex content into simple appealing pictures. Here are the best 13 most compelling info-graphics of 2013.
Numbers… they can be so hard to read and make sense of. Thank God intrepid designers are constantly turning those numbers into beautifully designed maps, charts, and graphics for us to feast our eyes on. We love info-graphics for their ability to take the complicated concepts we are often discussing and break them down so that they’re digestible. Not only do info-graphics communicate the point more easily, they also make statistics more interesting and dare I say it fun!


See all of them.


“Poverty is the worst form of violence,“ Mahatma Gandhi.
Mumbai is the wealthiest city in India as the commercial and entertainment capital. Nicknamed the ‚City of Dreams‘ it is arguably the most westernised city in the country but despite this there are nearly half a million homes (493,000 to be precise) that live below the poverty line, this is families who do not earn Rs. 600 (€ 7.50) per family member per month.
As one of the major issues facing its ever growing population India has a struggle ahead of it in bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. During a celebration of the 25 Greatest ‚living‘ Legends, Indian activist Ela Bhatt, who is known for her social work since the early 70’s, spoke on the issue of poverty.

Co-working space Jaaga in Bangalore

We will visit this project while we are in India. Jaaga is a creative community space in Bangalore that supports and connects creative entrepreneurs and online learners. I really look forward to get to know the people involved with this project. :)
Learn more about them!